*:・。,☆ welcome to my website *:・。,☆ this is a massive WIP and its gonna take me a while to get this site to fully function so bear with me :p thank u for visiting and enjoy ur stay!

*:・。,☆ TO DO LIST
i rlly want to make some shrines!
these are some possible ideas.
☆ monkeys
☆ my cat
☆ imacs
☆ furbies done!
id also like to join some webrings
although im not sure how....


8/27/23 index paged finished for now :3
8/29/23 about page is done! and web resources is in process!
8/31/23 i made a cool links page
9/3/23 i made a furby shrine!
9/4/23 i made a button for my site :)


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