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the malware museum archive of old Malware viruses from 80s-90s
web design museum look at web design from its beginnings in the 1990s to the mid-00s.
the geocities gallery archived geocities sites sorted by neighborhood!
my retro tvs pick a year and enjoy a retro tv simulation
masterwiki learn how to do anything with free MasterClass conent
gameboy webcam browser tool that makes ur webcam look like a gameboy camera
windows93 cool vaporwave website with lots to explore
kidpix kidpix in ur browser
mc paint microsoft paint in ur browser
mc word art make old microsoft word art!
vertex meadow renders 2d images into explorable 3d terrains
old computers museum archive of old computers and all about them
vampirewebsite vampire website for vampires
ilovejarjarbinks jar jar binks fansite
dead cow cult cool website of a big hacking group
title mesmerizing infinitely zooming painting
heavens gate cult the website of the infamus suicide cult from the 90s
frangioso's street lights just click on it
the queer internet The queer old web archive (1995-2000)
scrollbars the evolution of the scrollbar (1981-2015)
allaboutfrogs a cute frogs website from 1995!
monstermash generate your own animated 3D creatures
momg walk through an art gallery of all old-web gifs
cameronsworld infinite website of geocities graphics with hidden links to explore!!
makesweet make ur own gif memes (like the heart locket one)

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