:*:・。,☆゚'web resources :,☆゚’・:*:・。

If you’re just like me and ur recently getting started with making ur own neocities.. worry not… here’s an extensive list of all the resources I’ve been using! I want to organize this as neatly as possible so im gonna be moving things around till im satisfied.. this page is very much under construction still. If you’re looking for cool links unrelated to webmaster resources, i also ahev a fun links page!

☆ make your own ☆

blinkies/buttons ★ animated/glitter text ★ glitter graphics
myblinkie textanim bloggif
blinkies.cafe glitter-graphics online-image-editor
blinkie.suppli gigaglitters remove.bg (png maker)
sadgrl's button maker bloggif  

☆ web graphics and pixels ☆

。・:*:・゚★ tumblr blogs
graphics-cafe lots of blinkies and some glitter gifs
radiotrophicfungi inclusive LGBT and disability blinkies
melonet small and cute pixels and favicons
graphicstorage more pixels and small graphics
purinpixel more cute pixels!
glittergroovy glitter text, glitter song lyrics, blinkies
animatedglittergraphics-n-more big variety of animated gifs, graphics and blinkies
www2007 emo graphics and images from the 2000s
rainbxw1derland old-web graphics, gifs, images and more
cutewebgraphics more cute web graphics
odd-odds-and-oddities random graphics from the old-web
gifcitiesfrequenter a collection of gifs from the old-web
oldwindowsicons archive of old windows icons
geocitiesdig archive of old geocities websites and graphics
heavenscnt my own tumblr blog of course :)

。・:*:・゚★ websites
glitter-graphics graphics, text generators and other web goodies
gifcities serarch engine for old geocities gifs
cyber.dabamos massive collection of 88x31 buttons
cursors-4u cursors!
rw-designer more cursors
tholman effects for your cursor
cameronsworld archive of geocities gifs that link to the original webpage
mysmiles old-web smily faces and emoticons
prismatic-realm old anime/nintendo/Japanese web ads and graphics!
ouka.lomo animal crossing pixels!!
gifs.cc huge organized collection of old-web animated graphics
textures old web textures!! Great for backgrounds
animatedimages lots of old-web/nostalgia gifs
plasticdino so many fucking blinkies
gifs-paradise another organized website of old gifs
asciiart ascii art generator

☆ website templates ☆

。・:*:・゚★ websites
repth lots of original layouts that are also mobile friendly
awhe some of my favorite templates ever!!
neothemes cute and simple layouts to customize
shenanigans a cute template with a calendar
codesharing lots of basic website templates
almostsweet some more basic tamplates
templaterr these are super simple and not yet customized at all
eggramen a nice variety- from very simple to more customized.
createblog nostalgic 2000’s blog templetes
lovelyd cool y2k anime style templates
foollovers Japanese site w so many classic templates

☆ fun stuff for websites ☆

coming soon!!

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