:・゚★,。・:*: !!! FURBY SHRINE :・゚★,。・:*:!

welcome to my furby shrine.. here i will document my ongoing furby collection as well as my wishlist, furby media, and other stuff :+)

.:・゚★,。・:* my furby collection!:・゚★,。・:*

my furbies name type observations
oreo 1999, dalmatian, 2nd gen hes so cute and he was on my wishlist for so long! i even took him to furfest once
peptobismol 2005, pink emoto-tronic baby this is probably my most fovorite furby i own. 2005 babies are my favorite furby design!. he works too but hes alsways sleepy..
toothpaste 2005, sleepy-blue adult emoto-tronic i love the 2005 furbies so much and when i saw someone rehoming this boy for a good price i coulnt help but take him!!
maxwell clyde 1999, snow leopard, 3d gen i got this furb at a second-hand toys market in mexico
battery 1999, elephant, 3d gen i got this guy alongside a furby carrier, its nor in the best condition but still deserves appreciation
santa? 1999, special edition i also got this furb at a second-hand toys market in mexico, my first special edition furb!
my dream furbies

purple/green funky furby, 2005

gizmo furby (2000)

jester furby (1998)

turtle furby 1998

all 2005 furby babies tbh

wizard furby (1998)